My Questions For You


[This page is currently being built – For now this is to be considered a place holder]

This will be something I send to clients. Things I need to know to make the best product for them.

Things that will be included not his page:

  • The company/person website -know about the company, what is the niche
  • What is the length of the article you are looking for
  • What are you looking to achieve from x (blog, landing page, homepage, about page)? -could be sign-ups, getting email addresses, sales, clicks
  • Advise that I’m not an expert with SEO but will do what I can to optimize the content I write. With that said, are there any keywords you want to rank for
  • What are there any titles, subheadings that you want to be included
  • What is the format you want to be followed? If not, is there a blog that you like?

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