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Unlock the Power of Writing Faster: WordHero for Freelancers


Did you know there are many other AI’s out there? Most of us have heard of ChatGPT, but there are many others we can utilize. AI has made some incredible improvements. It will be interesting to see where it all goes. Assuming it won’t become Skynet! The one we are going to focus on today is called WordHero. I have been using WordHero for a little over a year now, and I have to say...

The Great Content Debate: Freelance Writer vs. ChatGPT – Which is better?

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Recently I have received a few questions regarding why they should hire me for a writing gig when there is AI writing software such as ChatGPT. As we all know, using AI, such as ChatGPT, has become a huge debate in the writing community. So let’s get to it. As a special note, I will include some samples from ChatGPT about this topic. Freelance writers have long been valued for their...

Black Rifle Coffee Review – Maybe The Best Cup Ever!


If you love coffee as much as I do, you will want to read this review about the Black Rifle Coffee Company. I’ve been hunting for a good cup of joe for a while now. I’ve tried everything from store-bought to local coffee shops and even purchasing directly from businesses online. It wasn’t until 2019 that I tried my first cup of coffee I will be talking about. Best Coffee At A...

The Best Kept Secret For Sleeping Better

The Best Kept Secret For Sleeping Better

You clicked on this because you are interested in what my solution is. But first, I want to know a little about you. You might have neck pain from an old injury, or a car accident, or maybe you have just been rough on your body. I have a few questions for you Do you wake up with neck pain day after day? Have you tried everything to eliminate your neck pain and think you can do nothing? Maybe you...

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